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“God & Salsa” is the embodiment of Ecclesiastes 3:4, “There is... a time to mourn and a time to dance.”

Raquel is a divorced single mother in her 40s, reeling from the loss of her daughter to suicide. Shane is a disgruntled teenager whose parents are in the midst of a nasty divorce. Both are seeking answers, both angry, both hurting; yet, completely different people in different phases of life. In a beautiful, emotional collision, their stories become one. Shane and Raquel are about to change each other’s lives, with a little bit of help from a father who won’t give up, a sage yet flamboyant dance instructor, a wise elder nun, and a sermon.

These two polar opposite people each have what the other needs. Shane receives someone who listens, someone who sees his struggle. Raquel receives a second chance, an opportunity for closure. How often in life do you meet someone who understands exactly what you’re going through because they’ve lived it?

God & Salsa offers a dramatic, entertaining film with heartbreaking characters that delivers on its Ecclesiastes 3:4 promise.

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